Property Investment

Property investment will allow you to be a FreeRanger. It can provide you with multiple streams of income and can provide you the time and freedom to live in flow and of purpose… if that’s what you want?


Building your Future

The FreeRanger Co. has been proving a model of ‘agricultural conversions, serviced accommodation and Buy2Lets’; to quickly and sustainably provide a cash flow that then can help you define your legacy. Check out for the proving case study.

There is an opportunity to invest in an awesome niche property business where ‘eco-holiday lets’ and ‘agricultural conversions’ can provide a great return on investment.

The general concept is to obtain specific parcels of agricultural land (with set criteria), achieve a ‘change of use’ (to increase asset value) refinance and section off part of the land to set-up eco-holiday lodges. The next step is to gain planning permission for a residential home on the other section of land.

You now have a high value asset (from a humble starting investment) and a high cash flow business. The plan is to use profits to rinse and repeat the model.

The step by step process is CCRSR



Either buy or lease below market value agricultural land


Change of Use

From agricultural to commercial to residential



to invest in eco-holiday let business and farmhouse development



High cash flow business and marketing systems



in other agricultural conversions

From a typical investment of £150k (which is asset backed) you will see a 10% yield per year and an option to take all your money out after three years.

Contact us if you are looking for a high return investment or you fancy going on an adventure to to become a ‘Freeranger’ and live a life on purpose.

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